5 Pieces of Jewellery Every Woman Should have

The reason for jewelry’s persistence over the centuries as a savings vehicle is multi-fold.  Historically, patriarchal laws in many countries prohibited women from officially inheriting property.  High quality jeof welry, often received as gifts from family members or spouses, was usually considered to be a woman’s property from a legal standpoint.  If her marriage ended in divorce, a woman could confidently walk away from her former husband knowing her valuable hoard of high quality jewelry was all hers.

Here is a list of five pieces of jewelry that every woman should have:

A Statement Watch
With the propagation of technology regarding handheld devices, the real need for a watch has gone extinct, which is why watches have converted to even more like a piece of jewelry.

A Classic Necklace
It doesn’t need to be a string of pearls, if you don’t like pearls, find another elegant looking material that you love. It could be a gold link necklace or sterling silver or a string of semi-precious stones.

A Ring
If it is perfectly fine for you to go with a gallant statement ring, if you are more subtle cut down the size but not the style. A chunky, bold statement ring with a large size stone can be a flawless complement to a little black dress.

An Elegant Gold bracelet for women
Gold bracelets for women is a must-have piece of jewelry in your wardrobe. Having one of thesecompletes an outfit easily and makes it more stunning and elegant. Especially a perfect gold bracelet for women adds to the charm and beauty.

A Pair of Earrings
If you put on earrings, it’s a good idea to have a loop or dangling style and a more traditional set such as pearls or diamonds. You can never go wrong with earrings.

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