Reasons for Not Having a Bridal Party

But I’m not having bridesmaids at my wedding. (And my fiance isn’t having groomsmen either.)

As a wedding blog editor,  I know this might seem a little strange.

But, it’s a trend we’ve seen more and more of, in the weddings we feature on our blog, and others.

So I figured, seeing as we’re talking all things bridesmaids this month, it was as good a time as any, to talk about why it’s okay not to have bridesmaids too.

Some brides and grooms feel obligated to choose their siblings or friends as part of their bridal party. They might feel like they’re letting people down if they don’t. Or they may think that they need a traditional wedding party, for hands on deck in the lead up to their big day.

My fiance Mark and I know that when it comes to setting up our party, planning our hen and stag, and venting about budget stresses, our friends and family will be there for us, whether they’ve got a bridesmaid sash on, or not.

I totally get brides wanting a gaggle of their best gals around them in the lead up to and on the day of, their wedding.

But for couples who are on the fence about a bridal party, or feeling nervous about shunning the tradition, I wanted to share our reasons for not having one, to maybe help you with making the decision for yourself.

So here goes…

I Simply Can’t Choose

The Case For Not Having a Bridal Party | Bridal Musings Wedding Blog 2

Everyone thinks their friends are the best in the world. But mine actually are. Seriously.

They’ve sent me flowers on a blue day, they’ve flown to another country to be by my side when I needed it, and they’ve got an unrivaled knack for knowing just the right thing to say, at precisely the right time.

My friends rock, but they come as a posse.

I’ve a gang of incredible college friends, an amazing sister, and a bestie from my teen years, who’s like a second sister. I can’t possible pick one, two, or even five from the bunch and I don’t like the idea of drawing a line between who’s in, and who’s out.

I know it sounds boastful, *I have too many friends* but I’m in the thank-my-lucky-stars-every-day position of having maybe eight or 10 awesome bridesmaid candidates. And really, that seems like a bit much. Which brings me nicely onto my next point…

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